Zaalima v/s Chai- The Battle Begins

Brands wars have now become a common trend and very entertaining for the customers as well as the marketers. We’re all happy as long as it’s healthy competition and no harm is done.

However a recent war between Coca Cola lovers and Chai lovers have been set by an advertisement that was aired a few days ago.

In this ad, they showed how the groom refuses coke and asks Zalimaa for coke. This proves how much hate Coca Cola has for the chai lovers.

Both beverages are special in their own way and none can be replaced. Also there is no match between the two. What comes after is the best part.

Chai lovers were left furious over the marketing and could not stand back and just watch..

Here are some amazing responses from Chai companies:

Nestle here shows why a biscuit can never be dunked in Coke.

Lipton here smashed the Zaalimas by proving that Pakistanis are true Chai lovers.

And Meezan here indicating that you need a new Zaalima, indeed.