World’s Hottest Arab Model- Omar Borkan and the Dollar Girl

We all remember the world’s hottest Arab model Omar Borkan Al Gala who was deported from Saudia Arabia for being too sexy and soon became an internet sensation for his dark and intimidating looks.

Recently the Asiana Magazine released their winter wedding issue featuring Omar Borkan and none other than the “Dollar Girl”, Ayyan Ali.

The 20 year old model is famous for her eastern-western looks and a very scandalous secret life. Her outfit was designed by Mongas and the extravagant jewellery was designed by Jewels N Gems. Makeup and Hairdo of both the models were done by the talented Kaniz Ali.

Asiana Magazine is a bible for brides. Every issue contains more than 500 pages dedicated to brides and everything related to weddings, including; wedding planners, jewellery, clothes and accessories.

According to the magazine, both Ayyan and Omar are hard working models and they wish them luck for their future projects.