Pakistan’s Most Expensive Car Number Plate

The department of Excise and Taxation in Lahore recently auctioned the most unique and number plates for the year 2017. This auction is held every year. A large number of enthusiasts participate in this auction every year.


According to reports, the highest bid in yesterday’s auction in Lahore was Rs. 0.71 million. Surprisingly this was the highest bid of all auction at the Excise and Taxation department.

Here is a list of all the bids at the auction:

  • Number “1” got sold at 0.71 million
  • Number “2” went for 0.12 million
  • Number “3” sold at 0.21 million
  • Number “4” auctioned at 0.18 million
  • Number “5” auctioned at 0.29 million
  • Number “6” went for 0.15 million
  • Number “7” sold at 0.19 million
  • Number “8” went for 0.165 million
  • Plate number “786” was sold at 0.23 million
  • Number “10” went down for 0.13 million

Luckily Faisalabad will also experience an auction for plates FD-17, FSD-17 and FDU-17, tomorrow as confirmed by the spokesperson of Motor Registering Authority, Faisalabad.