This Woman Traveled the Whole World And This Is What She Said About Pakistan

A young lady from Connecticut, U.S.A has become the youngest woman to travel and document all 196 countries in the world.

Cassie De Pecol traveled countries tasting their cuisines, getting to know their culture and history. During her travel she kept her followers updated with her regular Instagram posts and pictures.

From all the countries she visited, Cassie has 10 countries on her top list that she would visit again. And guess what Pakistan is on #5th.


cassie had to wait 4 months to get her visa for Pakistan. But she was not disappointed at all. She says the wait was worth it all.

The reason she wanted to visit Pakistan was to get a true sense of Asian culture and authentic Asian food.

Further, she added visiting Pakistan was a very nourishing and enriching experience altogether.

Cassie says, visiting Pakistan was a privilege. The image that the media and government show us can be very manipulative. I wanted to experience it all by myself. And the best example was to go on this euphoric adventure and learn about their culture from the people themselves.

Cassie was deeply moved by the hospitality of the people and plans to visit Pakistan soon.