Woman Stabs Boyfriend for eating her Chips

What a time to be alive! A woman in UK has been jailed after stabbing her boyfriend for eating her chips.

Reportedly the couple was at a friend’s house all set to dig into a plate of home-made chips when Simon Hill scoffed the entire plate leaving Diane Clayton erupt in fury.

According to the prosecutor; “Simon Hill ate them all that cause Clayton to lose her temper.”

“Before leaving the room she slapped him across the face. She then picked up a knife and stabbed him causing extensive injuries”

After this shocking incident, they both left the house, but Simon soon returned fearing for his safety.

Surprisingly Clayton returned the next morning and stabbed Hill the second time.

However, Miss Clayton pleaded guilty in the Blackburn Magistrate Court, for causing her boyfriend bodily harm.

She was ordered 26 weeks in custody along with £115 victim surcharge on release.

The prosecutor said, ‘the victim refused to make any complaint against his partner. The couple had had a very supportive relationship in the past until this incident.’

He later told police that he didn’t want to co-operate because she has mental health problems.