Woman Allergic to WIFI Forced to Live in a Shed

Rachel, who is a therapist by profession was forced to give up her home and job and live in a shed after she realized she was allergic to WiFi. She developed sudden violent shakes, rashes, and extreme headaches.

Rachel Hinks believes she suffers from harmful electromagnetic hypersensitivity from WiFi signals, Phones, microwaves and other electronics.

To protect herself from more harmful effects, she had to move into a shack at the bottom of a garden. However, everyday she drives back home to feed and pet her cat.

“At first I experienced mild symptoms when I used a cordless phone and it burned my ear for 10 minutes and when I used a Laptop I suffered from severe headaches every time. I always ask my friends to switch off their phones when we are together.” Says, Rachel.

In December 2015, I suffered extreme violent shaking, headaches, and seizures. I couldn’t sleep at all.

Rachel also suffers from Lupus and faces a lot of difficulty in interacting with outer world, where technology is increasing so rapidly.