Will We Now See SRK As The Next Wolverine In Place Of Hugh Jackman?

Like many other Hollywood stars Hugh Jackman is also full of praise for the Bollywood actors,specially the much loved “King Khan”.

When asked about who fits the character perfectly,watch the video below for further details

Hugh Jackman showed his interest in watching SRK as the next Wolverine after him,well that is surely a big thing to say isn’t it.

As Jackman said during promotions for Nolan:- “I think I will be fine with it.I hope other people play it.Maybe Shah Rukh Khan can play it.”

Hugh Jackman was in Taiwan for the promotion of his film Logan.This film marks the end to the Wolverine tenure played by Hugh Jackman.The film Logan introduces X23 mutant ,a female version of Wolverine,which could be a continuation of the series.