The Undertaker takes his “Last Ride”at Wrestlemania 33

WWE fans are getting all emotional and sending their love to the Undertaker after he dropped his gloves,hat and trench coat in the center of the ring on April 2 at Wrestle mania 33.Has the beloved wrestler left the ring for good?

Mark William popularity  known as THE UNDERTAKER aged 52,fought  with Roman Reigns 31 at Wrestlemania 33 in a “showdown of the immortals” was probably his last fights Unfortunately Undertaker lost the fight and after it was all over,the wrestler put on his coat and hat before heading to the center of the right.The entire crowd gave Taker a standing ovation.He then took off his gloves ,folded up his coat and laid them in the center of the ring.The moment definitely  felt as Undertaker  was bidding all his fans an adieu.



The Wrestler definitely  went out with a bang.Albeit the Undertaker has not officially  declared his retirement ,but he left it all out in the ring..


The Undertaker had an amazing  27 years in the ring with WWE.He’s a WWE legend and will stay one forever.