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Social Media has changed the progression of the Pakistani society with solid impact in relatively every field. As far back as the web usage expanded in the nation, Social media advancements have started to surface at a bigger scale. Inferable from its capacity, online life has perpetually modified our patterns in legislative issues, showbiz, smaller scale and large scale level organizations and different fields.


Junaid Akram says that People here in Pakistan-don’t care for Jokes easily, yet he has utilized Social Media to make it done as much positively he can do. The social media outlet is amazingly specialty in Pakistan, and Junaid Akram is shaking up the way we see performers. For a Social Media star, no subject is excessively questionable as his recordings highlight him discussing his encounters in the nation and the way he sees the general public he lives in.


Zainab assault and murder case is a reasonable case of how media is satisfying its social obligations. The detailed assault and murder of Kasur’s little Zainab brought about outrage and anguish countrywide. Lawmakers, VIPs and common society took to social media to censure the occurrence and requested equity. Directly through the intensity of media, Zainab along other victims (Maryam and Asifa Rape case) ‘ voice was in effect openly heard and esteemed, which put a weight on government and they captured the guilty party finally. Media raised voice for #JusticeForZainab however was bashed by a couple of legislators for overstating the certainties.

‘Faizabad Dharna’ was a new illustration when the crackdown wound up extreme and PEMRA ceased the transmission of all news channels just to stay away from and trigger the brutality. Be that as it may, the media kept on announcing the conflicts through web and VPNs. The general population, who watched these directs in remote nations, were without a doubt obliged to believe that Pakistan is brimming with way less, not well refined, deceitful and deceptive individuals who dependably include in violations and so on.


It isn’t ordinary that fate favors one.

Who could preferred typify this over ‘Chaiwala’ Arshad Khan. The sensation over social media, had been having some fantastic luck as far back as a photograph of his turned into a web sensation via social networking media. From getting a demonstrating contract to sacking a film part, Arshad looked set for a fantasy keep running in people in general look.

‘Chaiwala’ Arshad Khan all set to leave for Britain for make a big appearance film venture.

Kanwal Khan a columnist working for a legitimate daily paper stated, “Media has extraordinary power, as it can assume a huge part in setting the outlook of the general population the way it needs; along these lines, Pakistani media should center around directing and instructing the general population appropriately.”

Saad Khan; Student of Mass Communication reacted, “Media either print or electronic is an exceptionally essential and helpful wellspring of data for the Country. Tragically in Pakistan, media is so much free and autonomous that they are even permitted to run publicity crusade against anybody.”

Media in Pakistan has certainly advanced in the course of recent years. It assumes an essential part in any general public and it makes us upbeat how it’s advancing in Pakistan.


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