After UBERs cab e-hailing service we might now have a rickshaw app by “TRAVELY”

It is true that abroad Uber has been successful in creating waves because of the readily available technology that people are using like Iphones in their hands but we do not have that situation here in Pakistan as just a chunk of locals have access to such expensive mode of technology.The major form of transport in this third world country is not cars instead it takes the form of buses,taxi,motor-bike,vans and rickshaws.

After being inspired by the cab e-hailing companies like Uber and Careem a group of Lahore based young Pakistani entrepreneurs have launched a Uber like rickshaw app named “TRAVELY” which is gaining popularity in areas of Lahore.The company owner claims Rickshaw to be the only cheap and convenient mode of transport.Prior to starting the service a preliminary round has been organised to check the response by the consumers.


Earlier this week Uber has also announced that it will be launching an UberAUTO service in Pakistan like it did in India last year,but the service in India had to be shuttered due to the scaling issues of the Indias capital Delhi.The enterprise also started operating rickshaws under the uberTukTuk service name in Egypt earlier this year.

The launch of UberAUTO might be seen as a strong competitor to the home-grown rickshaw hailing service TRAVELY. One thing is for sure, that this venture could lead to a much larger consumer reach and assist people with transportation in their daily routine.