Types of good qualities women like in men


According to many it’s an unsolved mystery that what are the exact qualities women wants to see in men. According to some women wants money, many think they want respect. But actually there are very simple qualities women wants to see in men. But number 6 quality is which women’s want the most and can’t bear the men without it.

Let’s explore these qualities together

1. Men who want just one woman

Men’s usually move to other women with ease in case of rejection from one women. And this is what women hate the most because loyalty is important for every relationship. If a man was not loyal with his previous girlfriend then what’s the guarantee that he will be loyal to you?

2. Men who are realist

Women love the men who are realist and don’t live just in the fantasies of love. Who make her women sure that he will stand on her side in every hard time. He will fight and stay with her until the death do us part.

3. Sense of humor

Women don’t like boring man even if he is a tall or handsome etc. Men who can make a woman laugh will automatically make his place in her heart.

4. Listen to her

There is a very serious fact about women’s are that they speak a lot. Well….as a women I can’t utterly deny this fact. So in case of men, women love those men who listen to them. Whenever she speaks, he makes her feel that her words are getting print in his mind.

5. Make her feel precious

Women like those men who make their existence feel valuable and can give them a feeling of being protected. Although women can stand up for themselves very well but deep inside all women want to be protected by their men.

6. Respect her place

Women hate these types of men who are clingy and over protected. In relationship both partners need their space and women’s don’t like men who didn’t respect their space.

7. Honest and Intelligent

Intelligence is sexy and honesty is a key to every woman’s heart. Women’s fall for men who are intelligent and honest in his dealing.

These are some basic qualities every woman wants to see in his man. And a man with these qualities will surely wins a woman heart.