Five Reasons Karachi Will Be More Peaceful After MQM

1. No More Mobile Snatchers After MQM

Although it is impossible to eliminate petty theft i.e. mugging and snatching in a huge metropolis like Karachi yet the absence of a safe haven to go to after committing a crime (the sector offices), the snatchers will probably be deterred, at least the faint hearted ones will be.


Mobile Snatcher MQM Karachi




2. No More Threats Of, “Me MQM Me Hu Tumhay Daykh Lunga”

A lot of people used MQM as a synonym for being powerful. Being a part of MQM somehow raised them a notch above the status of an average citizen and they used this tagline to instill fear among the people around them. With the diminishing power of MQM , the street thugs and bandits will take a backseat.


3. No More Strikes And Burnings

On a single phone call from London, entire Karachi would shut down leaving several people in fear with closed businesses and transport. With MQM gone, now there will be no more transport strikes and hopefully the sentence “halaat khraab” would be eliminated from the dictionary of Karachhites.

No More Strikes And Burnings MQM Bus Burning


4. The Cow Hides And Goat Skins Of Your Eid-Ul-Azha Slaughter Stay With You

Every Eid-ul-Adha there would be a knock on the door and a MQM worker would be standing demanding the skin of your slaughtered animal. Refusal to give would result in threats like, “Theek hay jab museebat ayegi to daykh layn gayn kon bachaanay aata hay” (Ok, we will see who comes to help you when you get in trouble)or “Mana karo gay to tumhari khaal utaar dayngayn” (If you refuse, we will take your skin with us). Finally Karachhites can give their cow hides and goatskins wherever they want without the fear of their own skins being separated from their bodies.


5. No More Bhattas

A bhatta was the name given to extortion money obtained from anyone operating in a MQM controlled area. When it came to Bhatta, there was no discrimination, someone as poor as your local burger waala to a factory owner had to give it to the MQM workers. Failure to provide this bhatta could result in burning of the business to even killing of the owner. Without MQM, finally trade workers and factory owners can breathe in peace and take their profits to their own homes instead of handing them to a don party out of fear.

Extortion Moneu MQM Bhatta