Do you think the stardom of Arshad Khan aka “Chai Wala” is being mis-used?

The internet sensation Arshad Khan aka chai wala who has been succesful in achieving stardom over night is now being offered contracts by multiple brands ,for him to be the endorsing face for their brand.In this world of materialism nothing is appreciated without a benefit and beauty is always cashed upon.

Arshad khan claims his profession to be “respectable one” by further adding that he is able to earn a halal earning of Rs;-500 daily.The first contract signed by Arshad is for an online shopping brand “Fit In” who immediately sponsored him a place for modelling for their upcoming shoot.

Is this really what this young lad deserves? his looks are no less than Tom Cruise or Brad pitt ,all he needs is a little makeover and a guide line which will allow him to progress through a proper channel .After his picture going viral on the internet,people are trying to make a fool out of him by offering this young talent with such menial roles, i mean seriously “Pathan Ko Pathano wali sasti T-shirt pehena di hai” not even kids now a days wear Super Man or Game Of Thrones ki shirts 😛



Atleast Pendu Production an entertainment and talent promoting page on facebook did justice to his much created hype by portraying him as a gentle man through these pictures and highlighting the true charismatic beauty of Pakistan.




Further more our hero Arshad Khan has been able to maintain his modesty by sticking to his values and declined the role offered in one of Syed Noors movie by saying that such type of work is “not honorable”