Things Pakistani do in Ramadan

Ramadan, a month of blessings and a chance for Muslims to get their all previous sins wash by seeking Allah’s mercy in this prestigious month of Islamic Year. For many people Ramadan is the month of unbelievable torture and suffering. But those have knowledge, know its worth.

There are several things Pakistani people must do in Ramadan besides their usual day tasks and routine.

  1. Watching Amir Liaqat and waste time.

Even though pakistanis know, watching Amir Liaqat is a waste of time but still they prefer to watch him. Watching his useless games and Knowing about his personality, He is still a top rated star of Pakistan.



  1. Eid Shopping

Eid shopping, specially for women starts from the very begining of ramadan and never ends till eid. Tailors are booked, Markets go crowded and women start doing their thing.



  1. Prices touch the sky

In the month of blessings people start doing there businesses at high pace, Rates of commodities and eatables go higher. Govt. also don’t remain behind the line, Taxes are increased and subsidies are not provided to the citizens.



  1. Waking Up All Night

Waking up till Sehri has become a trend in ramadan. Young generation stays awake watch movie, talk to janus or play cricket or any other sports.

street cricket in Pakistan

  1. Pakorays in Aftar

If you are a Pakistani then you must have pakorays in aftaar. If there is no pakoray, there is nothing on the table even table is filled with dishes.


  1. Sleeping All Day

Going to sleep after Sehri and sleeping all day is just a normal thing in Ramadan.

Teenage Boy Sleeping Through Alarm

  1. Suta Scene At Its Peak

After Iftar young boys rush to shops and smoke cigarettes. Boys gather at places make gossips, smoke cigarettes, drink bottles an waste money.



Fun aside, Ramadan is a month of blessings from Allah(SWT). We should not pass this month as our other days of life. We should offer Prayers 5 times a day, Recite Holy Quran, Memorize masnoon duain and every other thing which can increase our virtues and decrease blessings.


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