Things Pakistani Do In Bakra Mandi

Eid is just around the corner and we pakistani people are ready to act like pros in choosing our sacrificial animals.From lifting a goats ear with a pen to see if its ears are clean to asking the owner that “Bhai,yay kitne daant wala hai?’


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But our pakistani bhais have a lot to offer then just giving the poor animal a stern look!

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1-Trying to persuade the breeder that a certain animal has flaws and that he should sell it at a cheaper price.


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I could nt think of a worse way to bargain then to pin point at the poor souls health.

Bhai why dont you directly ask for a discount? Oh i see maybe that makes you feel much inferior then the animal you are buying XD (Izzat ka masla hai bhaiyoon)


2-Trying to feed the animal at such a great distance with a fear of being eaten by them 😀

Bhai itna distance tu north and south pole ka bhi nahi hoga.


3-We try looking for the most GABRU JAWAN and handsome looking goat or cow.


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No matter how ugly we ourselves are,we pakistanis want our animal to be the show stopper with all eyes struck on its pure white fur (or whatever the colour may be).

4-Carrying a handkerchief so close to ones mouth that even breathing becomes difficult.


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Bhai you are in a bakra mandi,dont tell me that you expect yourself to be sniffing for fragrances like GUCCI or CHANEL.The time requires you to be a pure desi my brother!


5-Our bhais make the animal pose for a selfie, acting no less then a professtional photographer 😀


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Thats the spirit! some people visit the bakra mandi just to take pictures, “Bhai facebook per bhi tu upload kerni hoti haina.”

Whatever the case may be but bhai bakra eid ka maza apne mulk main hi hai,no matter how burger we become but one always remains pendu at heart when it comes to buying our qurbani ka janwar.