Things You Might Not Know Were Invented By Women That Changed The World.

Do you like Ice cream?Can you imagine living without WIFI?You have women to thank for it.

When we talk of inventors the first people who come in our mind are Albert Einstein and Thomas Alva Edison.Naturally,most people assume that with the exception of Madame Marie Curie,most big inventors were all men.But here are some very useful inventions that men would never believe to be the work of women.

Modern Electric Refrigerator:

We cant live without a refrigerator and we have Florence Parpart to thank for it.She invented the modern electric refrigerator in 1914.In 1900 she recieved a patent for vastly improved street-cleaning machine,which she marketed and sold to cities across America.

The Ice Cream Maker:

Nancy Jhonson invented the ice-cream freezer in 1843,patenting a design which is still used to the current day,even after the advent of latest electric ice cream makers.

The Medical Syringe:

Oh the wonders of modern medicine.In 1899 Letitia Geer invented a medical syringe that could be operated with only one hand.Remember her the next time your doctor injects you with only one hand.

The Life Raft:

One day in 1882,Maria Beasely looked out at the sea and said”People should,like dying in huge transportation disasters” and then she invented life rafts.Beasely also invented a machine for making barrels.

The windshield wipers:

Negotiating rain and snow storms has become so much easier ,thanks to windshield wipers and Mary Anderson.She noticed that the driver had to stop the tram every few minutes to wipe off the snow from his front window.When she returned home Anderson developed a squeegee on a spindle that was attached to a handle inside the vehicle When the driver needed to clear the glass ,he simply pulled on the handle and the squeegue wiped the precipitation from the windshield.she recieved the patent for her device in 1903.

The Car Heater:

The car heater which directed air from over the engine to to warm the chilly toes of aristocratic 19th century motorists,was invented by Margaret A Wilcox in 1893.She aslso invented a combined clothes and dish washer.

The Board Game Monopoly:

One of the most famous board games of all time,responsible for the endless hours of wholesome family fun and devastating family arguements,was invented by Elizabeth Maggie in 1904 under the original name The Landlords Game.Magies game was a critique of the injustices of unchecked capitalism,making it all the more ironic when her game was completely ripped off by Charles darrow 30 years later who sold it to Parker Brothers.The firm eventually tracked down magie and paid her $500 for her troubles,

Residential Solar heating:

Physicist and solar power pioneer DR Maria Telkes teamed up with an equally talented and spectaculat lady the architect Eleanor Raymond to build the first home entirely heated ny solar power in 1947.

The Computer Algorithm:

Ada lovelace,whose father was Lord  Byron,was encouraged by her scientist mother from a young age to become the Champion of Mathematics.Lovelace worked with charles babbage at the university of london on his plan for an Analytic Engine to develop ways to program the machine with algorithms essentially making her the first computer prommaer.

Wireless Transmissions Technology:

Hedy Lamarr’s invention of secret communication system during world war II for radio controlling torpedoes employing “Frequency Hopping”technology .laid the foundations of everything from Wi-Fi to GPS.She happens to be a world famous film-star.

Liquid Paper:

White out is the most used office product of the 20th century, Bette Nesmith Graham was the lady behind this great invention.Tired of having to retype pages on IBMs new electric typewriter,graham decided to find a most efficient way -and when she saw painters painting over their mistakes in the office she invented  a white -water based tempera paint that could work same for the paper.

Kevlar Bullet-proof vest:

Men who think that women  are delicate species who will scream and faint at the sight of the gun should take a look at this It was a woman a Dupont Chemist,Stephanie Kwolek who invented the kevlar bullet proof vest.Lightweight.high-tensile and five times stronger than steel,a kevlar will actually take a bullet for you.Stephanie accidently invented it while trying to perfect a lighter fibre for car tires and earned a patent in 1966.