Talk Of The Town-Mann Mayal Finally Ended

“Mann Mayal” the drama serial that has been creating waves since last 33 weeks finally reached its climax with episode number 33, people are relieved with Salahuddin finally getting her Mannu whom he was trying to get a hold of through out the serial,a disturbed love story as people were calling it finally found its way in the end.

“I’m just glad I’m alive and I got the girl,” said Hamza Ali Abbasi. “Hopefully in the next drama, I won’t have to be poor and stupid.”

The last episode didn’t came much as a surprise for the majority of people as they think that it was bound to be a happy ending.

The drama attempted to break the stereotypical view of the society regarding a man who always prefers a girl who is “Single and ready to Mingle” ,instead it led the young girls into the belief that there is hope that your long lost love might enter your life someday and that he’ll be more then happy in fact crazy for embracing you even with two kids from your previous marriage.

Initially the drama was successful in attracting the audience but soon people started loosing interest when “Jeena” played her lame and cheap tricks and the episodes lacked the story material and were being dragged,but “Jeena” had to be a part of the story any way “Kyunke Uske Tu Maa Baap Bhi Nahi Hain

Jameel sure proved to be an attention seeker during the whole plot (definitely not because of his looks), but the poor guy was left empty handed in the end.


People had mixed reviews and emotions regarding their favourite drama serial coming to an end,some weren’t able to stop themselves from making jokes about it and some famous personalities applaud the drama serial.