Struggles Of A Female Chai Addict In Pakistan

Oh BOY ! if you are thinking that our society will at least leave us alone to have our own cup of tea for a moment ,please think again. From all the questions our Pakistani aunties have to ask  you regarding when “Will a married couple have a baby ?” to “Why have you been getting so fat lately ?” there is another important question that needs to be listed in the pipeline which is “Why are you having so much tea? ,it will make you go all black. ”

I mean seriously,man if you haven’t got anything else to talk about, i seriously do not give a shit but please leave me and my cup of tea alone.

Well it is true that having more tea in your daily routine can make your teeth go all yellow but you’ll be surprised how our Desi aunties can link everything to your RISHTA proposals, ill leave them to it.But if you are a die-hard fan of drinking chai then you all girls can surely relate to this.

1-At office you have to say no to your second cup of tea

You must be wondering why? but its true even your male co-workers do not  give you a very comfortable look on your out of routine cup of tea,but who cares 😀



2-Your friends crack CHAI jokes on you

One could not think of a worst joke then having chai in it,dude i love chai.

3-You hate people who do not like CHAI

I mean if their is anything to look forward too in life when everything is going wrong it would  definitely be a hot cup of tea.Dude its like a drug rushing through my veins.

4-You crave for CHAI after every meal

Sometimes you crave for it so bad that your think that my food wont go down my intestines if i do not drink it.