Stories Of Pakistani Stars Who Lived Through Terrible Accidents

  1. Ayesha Omar and Azfar Rehman


In 2015, Ayesha Omar and Azfar Rehman were injured in a car accident on Karachi Super Highway. The actors were travelling from Karachi to Hyderabad when the accident occurred. In an attempt to avoid collision with an oncoming trailer truck, their car was hit by another truck from behind before it went on to hit the oncoming truck anyway.

“My entire life flashed in front of my eyes as I held onto my seat waiting to be hit by a truck,” says Ayesha. She goes on to recount the day of the accident. I finished my Bulbulay shoot early and left for Hyderabad with Azfar. It was just me, Azfar and his driver in the car. I always travel with my driver in my own car. But I hadn’t met Azfar in a very long time so I thought it would give us a chance to catch up.”

Stories Of Pakistani Stars Who Lived Through Terrible Accidents

The fun road trip came to an abrupt end when their car met with the accident near Jamshoro.

“Just as it was happening, I realised it would be a bad accident. I thought either I would die or get badly injured. And then, my entire life flashed before me. Thoughts about my family, all the things I have yet to accomplish gripped me. I thought to myself ‘I am not even married yet, I don’t even have kids’.”

But fortunately, the collision wasn’t as bad as Ayesha expected. “I was shocked to discover that I was still alive. It’s a real miracle that we survived. We were later told that there have been 11 accidents at the same spot over the past two months. And not everyone involved was as lucky as us.”

For Azfar it was a life-altering incident. “We had no one there to help us. I stopped a car passing by but they said they didn’t have enough space in their car to take us to a hospital. With Ayesha lying there in so much pain, I felt helpless.”

Strangely, he adds, even though he always carries two phones, both of them were dead and that’s when he realised maybe God was testing him. “I am very religious. When I saw both my phones were dead I said to myself ‘yeh azmaish ka waqt hai’ so I recited the kalma and got on with it.”


After getting Ayesha to the government hospital in Jamshoro, Azfar began working on getting her back to Karachi. Azfar then contacted the Hyderabad General Hospital and managed to hire – what he thought was an ambulance – that would bring them to a hospital in Karachi.

“On our way back, I asked the person driving the ambulance if he was with Edhi. He said he wasn’t. Then I asked him if his was a 1122 ambulance. He wasn’t with them either. Turns out, he was a just a regular transporter who would convert his van into a hearse, ambulance or a passenger vehicle depending on the requirement.”

Stories Of Pakistani Stars Who Lived Through Terrible Accidents



2. Babar Khan & Sana Khan

An accident near Looni Kot on super highway some 30 kilometres off Hyderabad claimed the life of actress Sana Khan last year.

Stories Of Pakistani Stars Who Lived Through Terrible Accidents

According to motorway police, Sana Khan along with her husband and actor Babar Khan were on their way from Karachi to Hyderabad in a car when the car driven by Babar went out of control near Looni Kot and overturned as a result of which both Sana Khan and Babar Khan received serious injuries. Babar khan suffered serious injuries in the accident and unfortunately Sana Khan could not survive.



3. Nimra Khan

Nimra Khan met a terrible accident in 2014. Overtired because of the burden of work, she fell asleep on the wheel while she was driving. Her foot was on the accelerator therefore the car hit an army van in full speed.

Stories Of Pakistani Stars Who Lived Through Terrible Accidents

Nimra fractured her right leg from three different points. Even though there were three fractures but the doctors could not operate on her leg immediately because there were a few clots in her brain which needed to be done away with first. It was after nine days when miraculously the blood clots vanished and the operation was done.

Stories Of Pakistani Stars Who Lived Through Terrible Accidents

Stories Of Pakistani Stars Who Lived Through Terrible Accidents


4. Humayun Saeed

In 2014, renowned television and film actor Humayun Saeed was injured in a car accident in Bangkok. The accident took place after he landed in the city and was finding a suitable hotel to stay in. The driver was reversing the van Saeed was travelling in when it was hit by a double-decker approaching at full throttle.

The Main Hoon Shahid Afridi star, who was sitting in the front seat, was asleep when his van was hit, suffering the most injuries. He was accompanied by his wife Samina, his daughter and the crew of his upcoming untitled film, who suffered minor injuries. Saeed’s jaw line, upper torso and face were bruised in the accident.

“It (the accident) was so bad that I couldn’t have even imagined coming out [of it] alive. It’s probably because of all my fans and their prayers that I was able to survive,” Saeed told. “I don’t remember what happened right after the bus hit our car, but the picture that my friends drew of how my legs were jammed and body twisted was quite horrible,” he added.