Neon M3 All Electric Bike Launched in Pakistan

Slowly but surely, Pakistan’s auto industry is moving towards improvement. With the introduction of new entrants in the country, the monopoly of existing companies is expected to break. This trend is also reflecting in the world of motorbikes.

The latest trend in Pakistan is electric bikes. A number of companies have launched their e-bikes and the latest to fulfill the futuristic needs is Neon.

Neon is a Pakistan-based company which is aiming to become the leading electric bikes provider. Neon’s electric bikes resemble the eye-catching sports bikes.

Thus far, Neon has launched 4 models in Pakistan and M3 is one of them. The Neon M3 has the looks of a sports bike but in reality, it is just another model by the company.

Neon M3 Bike

The M3 bike is powered by a 2,000-watt motor, which promises a heavy-duty performance of 85kmph. The maximum speed is said to be around 90kmph.

Since it is an electric bike, there are no spark plugs or engine oil required. The M3 is completely automatic and promises great performance.

The M3 features tubeless tires and dual piston caliper breaks on front and the back as well. On the front, digital instrumental cluster gauge is equipped.

When we talk about the headlights, M3 has LED headlights and DTRL (Day Time Running Lights) LED lights to help the riders.

The charger is present in the ‘tank’ of the bike. There’s a USB port in the tank as well, which the bikers can utilize to charge their phones as well.

When we move towards the safety features of the bike, we notice that the M3 comes with keyless entry. Bikers can lock, unlock and start the bike remotely. Additionally, the inbuilt siren goes off if the rider forgets to remove the stand before riding the bike.

According to the company, the battery of the bike charges from 0 to 100 in 6 hours and it consumes 1 unit of electricity in total. When the battery level drops below 20 percent, the bike automatically turns off after giving an indication. The rest of the battery can be utilized as ‘reserve battery’, this actually helps to improve the life of the battery. You can travel up to 50km on a single charge.

The M3 is powered by a 6-cell 72v battery. Price of one battery is around Rs. 4,000, depending on the quality of the battery you purchase. The estimated time of the life of the battery is around 2 to 2.5 years.

It is important to mention that the M3’s battery and motor is IP66, which means that it is water and dust resistant. Furthermore, the battery and motors are completely concealed as well. This means that it can be used in rainy weather as well.

The basic price of Neon M3 is Rs. 1 lac, 28 thousand. However, the company is currently selling it for Rs. 1 lac, 8 thousand along with a Neon helmet as a promotion.

The complete specifications are as below:

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