How smoking is destroying our generation


Smoking is a curse new generation is covered in. We often see this note “smoking is injuries to health”, in bus stand, hospitals and almost in every public place. Media is also playing a wide role in spreading this message through commercials. Despite of all these measurements, numbers of smokers especially young smokers are increasing day by day.

The question that arises here is, how and why our generation is getting addicted to this curse? Several reasons pop in mind regarding this question and the first one is:

Someone in the family smokes:


This can be a reason how a young boy starts smoking. When they saw someone at home smoking. They became curious that how it feels. The feeling of smoke going deep inside body. Just because of this curiosity they think to try just for once but then end up by being a chain smoker

The second and the most common reason of today’s youth smoker is:

Just to look cool:


Approximately there are 30% young boys who start doing smoking just in order to look cool. Matric and intermediate level students with bad company often get this curse through friends. And the sad reality is they didn’t stop just on cigarette but with time they get used to cocaine, heroin and many dangerous drugs which destroy their life and career in young age.

All these drugs have killed millions of people in 21th century. People also take this as anti-depression.In miseries of life instead of facing them, they start taking momentary peace of mind by using cigarette and tobacco etc. and this makes them a coward and weak inside.

Patience is very important in today’s society but smoking will kill the will power and make a person short temper. The lunges cancer which comes from this habit kills thousands of people every year. Not just lungs cancer but it also damages teeth and mouth badly. Tobacco causes mouth cancer which kills a person in days.

Government should take steps to control is increasing curse by restricting shop sellers not to sell any kind of cigarettes to child under 18.

But rather than waiting for government to take strict action we should start taking measurements so at least we can improve the society we live in. We should keep check and balance in our children activities. Get to know about their friends and company and not to smoke in front of children.