Saudi Man Marries Four Women From The Same School Including A Student.

Imagine a school girl attending a class,knowing that both her teacher and her principal share the same husband.Awkward much?

Well, for a saudi man who married four women,it may just be an example of love conquering all.A 50 year old Saudi man has married a schoolgirl,her teacher and her principal as well as an educational supervisor who overseas the same school.

“It is a rather strange and unique case,” a teacher in the same school as three of the four wives told Saudi Arabic daily OkazWe often talk about it and all the teachers and students see the fun part of it,” she said.

‘The principal treats the teacher and the student normally,like she does with the rest of the staff and students” she said.

The most interesting point of their marriage is that all four of the wives are living a very peaceful and happy life.It is important to be mentioned here that more than one marriage is common in the Saudi culture.