Saudi Arabia wears a white blanket and this has happened for the first time ever!!

As astonishing as it might sound,it is true that citizens have witnessed snowfall for the first time ever in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.It is true that due to the climatic variations we are heading towards an inevitable change in climate around the world.


The frigid temperatures and blanket of snow is an unexpected treat for Saudi Arabia’s central and northwest regions, which tend to see daily high temperatures of around 20° C (68° F), even in the November “cold season.”


This snowfall is a result of global warming which is also causing sea levels to rise in multiple regions of the world.The deserts of Saudi Arabia were covered in layers of snow this Wednesday after temperature dropped to as low as -3 degrees Celsius in the northern region of the country.


Saudis have made sure that they make the most of this rare opportunity, playing with snow and making snowmen.


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