Revival of Pakistani Cinema- Paniri COMING SOON..!

Pakistani movie industry has gone through some major ups and downs in past. Specially after the era of Punjabi films, Anjuman-Sultan Rahi, movie makers stopped making movies due to the lack of funds and equipment. Hence the audience has no choice left other then watching Indian movies.

But if you think that Pakistani film industry is over, it is not. Lately film makers are coming up with some great films, if not better then the Hollywood or Bollywood films, but equally good. Plus there is always room for the betterment., is a site for films crowdfunding. This project is in initial stages and website isn’t completely active at the moment. The project Paniri is in a pre-launch phase where they are looking for partners to support their cause. So hurry up and check out their website for more information and do not forget to leave feedback.

Instead of praising the Indian movies and drooling over Indian stars. for once and all we should encourage our talent and efforts of our own film makers for taking an initiative for the revival of our cinema.