How to respond to the question “Beta new year resolution kya hai apka”?

And it’s that time of the year again when from parents to teachers to a random guy walking on the street asks you the question “Beta new year resolution kya hai ?” and you stand there wondering what the hell am I doing on this planet earth.After the most commonly asked question “Beta shaadi kab karogay/karogi?” ,I suppose this is the second most asked question.

It all depends on how you have counter prepared your self for backfiring at the other lad with a crisp response.Here are a few tips to avoid or answer the situation with your own swag.

The best way is to pretend like a noob and say “Sunai nahi dey raha,aapne mujh se kuch fermaya?”

“Lagta hai aaj dimagh kafi chaalu hai tera, abay chal hat bara aaya NEW YEAR RESOLUTION ka abba”

“Zehreelay sawaal kerne walay log meri aankhon main khatakte hain”

“Kia bola,new year resolution? wo kis chirya ka naam hai?”

“Haayo rabba! saal te muk peya aie per tussi ni mukkay.Aie maskeen javay te kithe javay?”