Reasons behind the Split up of Junoon Band- One of the most successful bands of South Asia

Have you ever thought that what happened to all the famous Pakistani music bands? Where are they gone? Bands like Vital Signs, Junoon, Entity Paradigm, Call etc. Well like most of the couples they couldn’t stand each other and parted ways. Jealousy, ego and misunderstandings are part of human nature which can easily light up the fire between two people and lead to controversies.

Junoon band (1990-2005),pioneers of Sufi rock in Pakistan also became victim to the factors listed above, few years back while talking to a media channel Ali Azmat, lead vocalist of the band said that, “Junoon finished because of the personal egos of all three members including me, Brain and Salman Ahmed. When we were recording our last album as a band i realized that it will not gonna last for long.”He further said that,” i couldn’t connect with them musically as a band we weren’t doing that much, which let to our demise”. He was so vocal about his feelings and discontent with the band members that it was so obvious why the band ended this way.

Here is the link to Ali Azmat Interview

The band members parted their ways and started their solo musical journey in 2005. While the bassist, Brian O’Connell went back to his country United States.

Currently Salman Ahmed is working as a peace-maker activist between Pak-India. He is also teaching in the City University of New York and teaching music as guest faculty member at Queens College. Lately he showed his political interest in PTI too and spotted in their gatherings.

While Ali Azmat also persuade his singing career with the hits like Maula , Garaj Baras and Yeh Jism Hai tou kiya. Ali performed role of a politician in famous Lollywood movie Waar in 2013.