Re-schedule Of Pakistani Movies Till Bollywood Remains Banned

After an escalating tension  between Pakistan and India over the Kashmir conflict, the Indian army deliberately carried out the surgical strike in Pakistan-controlled Azad Kashmir claiming it to be an act for wiping out the terrorist teams.This state of anxiety led the IMPPA (Indian Motion Picture Producers Association) which is an Indian film trade body to pass a resolution regarding putting a ban on Pakistani actors and technicians who are working in India.

In response to such measures taken by the Indian film fraternity the Pakistani cinema industry has decided to promote the local films that are being made in Pakistan .The re-broadcasting of the films come in the wake of exhibitors collectively deciding to ban Bollywood films in solidarity with Pakistani actors and the Pak army.

The cinema owners have been reported saying that Pakistani movies are making it big at the box office and this ban is of promotional importance to the young talent of Pakistan.Cinema stakeholders took to twitter and announced the scheduling of Pakistani movies in the theatres after exhibitors abandoned screening of bollywood movies.

Recent Pakistani movies Janaan, Actor In Law and Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai have ben successful in capturing the audience.Some of the Pakistani block busters which are being brought back to the big screen includes “Moor“, “Zinda Bhaag“, “Mah-e-mir” and “Dukhtar