Dear Punjabis! Karachiites Don’t Look Down Upon You!

There is a misconception in Punjab that Karachiites look down upon Punjabis. However this is not so and this piece will give you the five reasons why is that so:


1. Punjabis Hold Important Government Positions in Karachi

There are several Punjabi men and women holding important positions of Government in Karachi. One such lady is Uzma Sharif, who is an electronics engineer in the government sector. “I have never faced any discrimination as such on being a Punjabi. I wasn’t even hired on Punjab quota as I have lived my entire life here.”



2. Punjabi Students Are Position Holders in Karachi Board Exams

In Sindh board many times distinct positions are bagged by Punjabis. Butts, Bhattis, Parachas all are there taking laurels for their achievements in a non Punjabi territory.


3. Punjabis Have Successful Running Businesses in Karachi

Punjabis are successfully running several business ventures in Karachi and contributing to the economy. Especially Karachi women owe a lot to the big fashion industrialists of Punjab who have opened several outlets running in different areas of Karachi catering to the fashion needs of Pakistani women. Two examples are Image Fabrics and Chenone.


4. Punjabis are regarded as more fun loving than their Karachiites brothers

Most of the Karachiites believe that Lahori weddings are more fun than a Karachi wedding therefore a lot of inspiration is taken from Lahore based YouTube videos when planning for dance sequences decor etc.


5. Karachiites are happily married to Punjabis

Punjabi boys and girls living in Karachi are happily married to people not belonging to the same ethnicity. Masood is a Punjabi boy who married Yusra, a girl belonging to a non Punjabi background. He says that he had no problems in marrying outside his race as for Karachhites education and looks of a boy matter more than his ethnicity.