Punjab To Curb Women Harassment Through Technology

The growing approach to communication technology and digital information has played a colossal role in the economic,social,financial and political development of our world today.The recognition of this significance of access to technology by the policy makers,has finally adapted in means to empower women and ensure their safety.

In a recent development,Punjab Safe Cities Authority(PSCA) in collaboration with the Punjab Commission on Status of Women has designed an Android Application to prevent the crime cases related to violence against women.

About the App:

-The App will issue a warning signal that will allow victims,under possible threat, to inform the Police Integrated Command,Control and Communiction (PPIC3) officials about their location.

-Once notified,the initial response team,comprising of the Dolphin Force,Police Response Unit and Police Stations Beat Officers will be dispatched to the crime scene.

The Application will be used for two purposes:To create awareness about harasment and to help victims of it.It will consist of two to three modes including a panic button for emergency situations.

Phone calls generated from the application will be directed to the 15 helpline where a special desk has been entitled to answer the calls.These operators have undergone pecial training to effectively deal with cases of various forms of harassment.

Shamsher Haider,who is the deputy chief of System Integration at Punjab Safe Cities Authority(PSCA )said in a statement “Definitions of what constitutes harassment and what does not will be built into the application, so apart from helping out the citizens we can also educate them.”

Awareness on sexual harrassment

The objective of the program is not only to provide prompt assistance to possible victims,but also to raise public awareness of harassment as a condemn-able issue and to ensure women rights and honor at the workplace.Therefore,it is important that alongside making the essential technological advancements,intolerent behaviour on part of harassers is checked and rectified so ensure that the opressed can actually count on the system that was made to safeguard them.