PTCL lived up to its expectations by showing its customers the real winner of Mannequin Challenge.

One of the leading Telecommunication company of Pakistan PTCL faced a major collapse due to a mechanical error on Monday.While the major break down has effected many of its users, poor internet connection,disruption in landline services has also been reported in large parts of the country.People have  also complained  about a disarray in Ufone cellular service.This is how people have responded to the situation through twitter.

PTCL is giving a silent message to its users which is “Its best to go for a two day vacation on a deserted Island and Bang  your head with the coconut trees.”

The false claim of PTCL regarding the company offering the fastest telecommunication services has definitely taken the place of it being the last turtle to be found on the face of this planet.

People might be needing an eye transplant as those who suggested the service have gone down with it.


In response to the situation that has resulted in poor WIFI connectivity,the company responded via its tweets through its official twitter account which states.

“We are currently facing major outage on our network due to which internet service to some of our customers is impacted” 


This is what the current reaction of Pakistani Awaaam is after they’re unable to connect with their BAE

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