PPP’s Naveed Qamar throws Daughter Expensive Wedding in Thailand

Recently Member of National Assembly and a prominent political figure of Sindh’s political party PPP, Naveed Qamar arranged a lavish wedding for his daughter at the most expensive venue in Thailand.

Pakistan is a country facing extreme crucial time at the moment. From the poverty stricken citizens to rapid increase in terrorism and corruptions, lack of education and a downfall in the economy of the country, we are at the peak of destructions.

And then there is the elite political class living among us; the insensitive and cold to the core. Member of National Assembly and a prominent member of PPP, Naveed Qamar threw his daughter a lavish wedding at the most expensive venue in Thailand.


By the look of it, it seems the politicians live the life of true monarchs whereas, the people suffer at their hands and mercy.

Who says, Pakistan is a third world country when the politicians throw weddings worth millions!

His Daughter wore an expensive outfit by one of the most expensive designers and her jewellery was designed with white gold in it.

The lavish wedding accommodated a large number of guests, including members of National Assembly and other VIP guests, who were all accommodated on Qamar family’s expense.