A Peaceful Rally Organised By The Christian Community In The City Of Lights

The Pakistani Christian community is busy making provisions for Christmas. The preparations will reach their utmost at the eve of the Christmas. The colorful occasion can be seen celebrated with a lot of religious zeal and enthusiasm.Although Pakistani Christians are in minority,Christmas is a national holiday and is observed across the country as an occasion to celebrate.The Pictures below shows the Christmas rally which started from Karachi Shah rah-e-Faisal and ended at Sea view on Dec 21st 2016.

Members of Christian community during a rally in connection with upcoming Christmas.

The joyous occasion of Christmas fills the churches with festive vibes and traditions that include gifts carols,Christmas trees and Santa Claus.The traditional festivity of Christmas includes a a variety of Christmas programs like Christmas cake cutting ceremonies,dinners,carol singing competitions etc.

Women are enjoying dancing on the street during the rally.

A man wearing a festive mask at the rally.

Children piled up the pick up van – showing their enthusiasm and excitement at the rally.

People of all age groups can be seen dressed up in Santa inspired costumes and singing Christmas carols on the street during the rally.

Members of Karachi’s Christian community can be seen riding camels at a rally instead of reindeer’s.