Pakistan’s First Leading Engineer at NASA- Meet Hibah Rahmani

Hibah Rahmani is a Pakistani-born rocket engineer working at NASA.

Here is the story of a strong lady who survived the war, lived as a refugee in the desert and now serves as a role model for girls all over the world.

Hibah was born in Pakistan but her family moved to Kuwait when she was just a month old. Her childhood was very ordinary until war broke between Iraq and Kuwait in the 90’s.

After the war ended her family moved near the Iraq-Jordan border where they had to reside under an open sky in the cold desert. The long dark nights under the sky made Hibah fond of the stars.

After things began to settle, she moved to the USA with her mother and her sister. Her father was already in the USA at that time and the family reunited.

Hibah then started her school and a normal life in the US. At a very early age was determined to learn about the stars and the galaxy, and this newfound dream led her to her destiny- NASA.

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After completing her bachelor’s in computer engineering from University of Central Florida (UCF) she started working for Boeing as a system engineer for the International Space Station (ISS).

She says it was this time when she realized that she wanted to be an astronaut and started working towards her goal.

To achieve her dream she completed an advanced degree in computer and electrical engineering.

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In 2008 Hibah Rahmani was accepted at NASA’s Engineering and Technology Directorate at Kennedy.

At her current position, she provides technical expertise, launch vehicle testing, performs data reviews and provides technical assessment of engineering issues.

In her message to girls suggests them to focus and dream big. The experiences of life can be very helpful and always learn from them. Believe in what you dream and try working hard for them.