Pakistanis and Chinese Team up to Smuggle 5000 Donkey Hides

Pakistanis and Chinese have a history of loyal friendship, though now taking new turns. Just like every situation,this friendship also has its good and bad sides to it.

Recently police raided a shop in Gulistan-e-Johar where donkey hides were being smuggled from Karachi to China. Surprisingly there were 5000 hides all set for shipment.

Currently each hide is being sold in the market for approximately 25000 each. The bulk confiscated from the raid was an estimate of Rs. 118.4 million. Apart from Pakistanis, a few Chinese men were also arrested, including; Tu Zhong and Xiao.

This news was aired on Geo television, and the police further plans on investigating the case.  Main culprits of the gang included Ehtesham Ahmed Ali, his wife Afshan and his father Shammim Ahmed Zaidi too.

The gang also included a care taker, a driver who transported the hides and a loader Zeeshan Patras. Police have taken all of them into custody.

Donkey hides are smuggled to China for different reasons. These hides are utilized in making Gelatin and medicines. Police believes that these hides were transported first from Punjab to Karachi.