Pakistani Girl donated 21 inches of Hair to Cancer Patients

We all know someone who has been through, is going through or has already survived the battle with cancer. Dealing with cancer is hard and what comes after is harder.

Multiple chemo sessions and strong pills can make you look shabby, you go bald and a severe weight loss.

Losing hair to cancer can be traumatizing and depressing for one. However, we have angels like Aymen Sami who donated 21 inches of her hair to cancer patients.

Aymen is a resident of Karachi, and currently doing MBBS from KMDC.

She saw a video of a patient online who talked about losing her hair to cancer. Aymen was moved and decided to take a step that can be very daring for many.

She said, ” It all started the day I saw a video of a little girl who survived cancer but had lost her hair after chemotherapy. That was very heart-breaking. No one really chooses to have cancer. I pictured myself without hair and tried imagining the agony and suffering of that girl and her family.  Hair is strongly connected to the self-esteem, especially for a girl. And being a girl I know what my hair means to me. Hair loss through chemotherapy doesn’t only affect the child’s health but could affect him/her psychologically and restrain him/her from experiencing life the way a child should.”

Buying a wig can be expensive. Thanks to a cause people can donate their hair rather than dispose of them in the garbage.

They prepare authentic and affordable wigs for cancer patients and help them gain their self-esteem back.

You can also be a part of this great initiative.