Pakistani Celebrities & Their Bollywood/Hollywood Doppelgangers.

We have seen many faces in the industry who seem to be having a look alike of themselves some where around the world in the form of doppelgangers.This phenomenon definitely intrigues us when we come across any two individuals who look like counterparts of each other .Like other countries Pakistan too has a number of celebrities who have look alikes in bollywood and hollywood.Some of them look like a mirror image of each other while some share a significant amount of facial expressions and features.Some of the similaries will indeed leave you stunned so lets have a look.

Mehwish hayat & Nargis Fakhri:

Though both women are equally gorgeous ,the similaries do not end there.They have strikingly similar features specifically the nose and cheeks.

Shamoon Abbasi and Akshay Kumar:

Both actors have propensity for a searing looks to the camera and give off a certain hero vibes.

Javeria Abbasi and Sonakshi Sinha:

Defined jawlines are a major contributing factor to the similarity of these women.As for the rest of it the general opion seems to agree that they could be definitely doppelgangers.

Sanam Baloch & Anushka Sharma:

These two share a deep resemblence with each other.

Neelum Muneer & Cindy Crawford:

Cindy is named as one of the 100 hottest women of all time by the Mens Health.Her looks are difficult to compare to anyone.However,there is no denying fact that there seems to be a little Cindy in Neelum Muneers appearance.

Sahir Lodhi & Shahrukh Khan:

Sahir has often been compared to the King of Bollywood Shahrukh khan,hence we do not find any reason why that could be wrong.Sahir lodhi does resembles to SRK when it comes to looks.

John Abraham & Mubashir Malik:

The British -Pakistani multi-faceted artist,Mubashir Malik is a man of all trades.Hes a model and  happens to be a successful Banker.When it comes to looks this man is no less than a duplicate of the very famous John Abraham.

Imran Abbass & Tom Cruise:

Okay this might be going a little ahead (as far as the acting is concerned) but does’nt imran abbass resembles a little with Tom cruise ? while Imran has yet to do a lot to achieve the status that what the TOP GUN actor enjoys,but these gentlemen do look alike!!

Adeel Hashmi & Simon helberg:

Our very own Adeel Hashmi could be The Big Bang Theorys Howard wolowitz!! If this resemblence will not be apparent to you.I dont know what will.

Osman Khalid & Orlando Bloom:

This one should come as no surprise as Osman Khalid Butt has been considered the Orlando Bloom of Pakistan for a while now.Whether you think one is cute than the other theres no denying a certain similarity.