Pakistani Brand Hires Alicia Silverstone For Its Promotion

While Qmobile, Faraz Manan Lawn and Mobilink were busy hiring Bollywood actors for their advertisements this brand of mehndi surpassed them all by using a Hollywood actor for their brand and with the actor knowing nothing about it.

Well HOW COME????

A few days ago the famous Hollywood actor Alicia Silverstone posted this photo on her Instagram account:


The actress was apparently surprised to see her face endorsing a product with packaging she couldn’t even understand even the language of!

This insta post  by the renowned actor brought a lot of comments by Pakistanis:

But this comment explained it best:

After all these comments we can guess the expressions of Miss Silverstone when she went to bed last night all flattered and blushing to be so famous among Pakistanis

We also congratulate Afshan Mhehndi on such a unique and innovative way of branding its products and plead the government to include this incident in Marketing courses all over the world.