This Bakra Eid Meme Has Set Pakistani Social Media On Fire

We may not be the most advanced nation on the earth yet, but our sense of humor is second to none.

I’m sure none of us were too happy with the recently announced Eid holiday schedule, (because let’s face it, we love the occasional family time). Some of us may have started to think up of the next big excuse to get out of work, while some of us may have put our talents to making us laugh through this next ‘big’ Pakistani tragedy. And lo and behold, a new superstar meme is born (move over Jahangir Khan Tareen – the independent hunter).

Once you’re over with the groans over the government’s decision to give us a 3 day holiday (instead of the 4 day holiday like we were expecting) for the upcoming Bakra Eid, its time to roll our sleeves and dig in.

It all starts with a ‘bael’ (bull) and a puny-sized kid with a not-so-puny confidence. Now I’m sure most of us city dwellers wished that we had the sort of guts that this little fella (in the picture below) does, but let’s not go there. It’s time to share a laugh (or several).

Pakistanis have decided to use this picture to compare all manner of things, and some of the results hit too close to home:

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