How Unglamorous Pakistani Celebrities Looked On Their Weddings

Glamorous, stylish and beautiful: celebrities always leave us in awe with their impeccable dressing and flawless looks. However these picture perfect people owe a lot to their designers, makeup artists and fitness instructors. Without them, they are average looking or even below average as can be seen in these photos. Look at these celebrities on their weddings where they probably paid themselves for their makeup and not the producer and hence the extremely unremarkable results.

Shaista Lodhi

Shaista Loshi’s first wedding photos are so average that you wouldn’t even give them a second look. A plain red dress, unglamorous makeup and a shy demure scream average Pakistani bride from all angles. And look at all the gold sets she is wearing. That look is so retro.

Shaista Lodhi Wedding

By the time of her second wedding, she had probably earned some dosh hence the better photography and photos.

Shaista Lodhi Wedding
Sunita Marshall

Sunita Marshall has been the featured model of so many brands and with her tall height and slim figure makes any dress look beautiful. Similarly on her wedding day she looks pretty no doubt but her wedding dress is quite plain compared to the over the top bridal looks she endorses and even her makeup does not make her look like a model at all. In fact she looks more like your next door neighbor girl. Plus that maroon lipstick on her valima jora does not really do her good looks any justice.

Sunita Marshall Wedding

Nida Yasir

Nida Yasir promotes such lavish weddings in her morning shows but look at her in her own wedding. She is wearing such light jewelry and such minimal unspectacular makeup. In fact look at her wedding photo, she does not look classy at all in that brown and maroon color.

nida yasir wedding
Mahira Khan

The glamour girl of today looked okayishy at her wedding because she is beautiful even without makeup but if you look at her dress closely, it does not look that expensive. It does not have much embroidery and even her hairstyle is pretty plain and simple. She even does more makeup in her movies than she has done at her own wedding. Because yeah right the cost of that movie makeup is paid by the producer.

Mahira Khan Wedding
Hira Mani

Hira Mani is a couple that often makes fun of other people on their shows. Looking at their wedding photos however reveals that they were not always that happening and glamorous. The dresses are ordinary , even the jewellery is not exceptional at all. Hira could have definitely looked better.

Hira Mani Wedding
Jaweria Saud

Look closely at the media host who is always doing some sort of shadi event on her morning show with super expensive clothing, branded jewelry and what not. However at her own wedding, she donned a plain purple shimmery material blouse and a plain red dupatta. This is even simpler than the dress of an average regular non celebrity bride. So much for hypocrisy!

javeria saud wedding
Aamina Sheikh

Here comes the biggest surprise. Aamina Sheikh is the top model of Pakistan and is featured on the cover of almost every bridal magazine out there. She makes any bridal dress look fascinating. However at her own wedding, she chose to don a very simple lehnga choli unlike the super luxurious dresses she models for. Even her wedding photography is not that professional meaning she did not hire a high end photographer.


Fahad Mustafa

These photos are the funniest. The glamour god of Pakistani industry looked so ordinary at his wedding that it almost looks funny. Even his photographs seem to be shot by the local muhallay ka photographer.

Fahad Mustafa Wedding