OMG! Check Out The Hottest Prime Minister of The World!

He is tall, charismatic and handsome and as if this wasn’t enough, he is a prime minister of one of the biggest economies!

Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister is good looking no doubt and a recent release of photos showing a young Trudeau has taken the internet by storm making women go weak in the knees.

That is why Pendu has collected these photos for our fans.

Go feast!


Who knew this Good Old Country Boy Would Turn Out To Be Such A Charmer?


The Handsome Hunk




Who Looks Like That In His Teens?


Here He Looks Like A Disney Prince!





Disney Prince Again!




And Again!



Mind If I Audition For The Next Block Buster?




And He Really Did Act In A Movie Once In Which He Played A Soldier





And No, This Is Not A Movie, He Can Rock Frills Even In Real Life!



Those Eyes!





Ladies And Gentlemen, Here Comes The Prime Minister!


He Is Not Only The Prime Minister But Also The Adventure Boy!



Rishta Goals!



Dulha Goals!


But Too Bad, He Is Already Married *Sniff Sniff*