This is not just eyebrows done incorrectly, its about their mental health!!

Your brows frame your face and give it structure.But if done incorrectly this can ruin the entire look.So today lets shed some light over how imortant its to be beautiful within the parameters.

Crikey! Few of the pictures really took me by surprise and I just physically pulled back from the computer when I saw them. I guess it’s my instinct’s way of telling that they failed to cross the uncanny valley.
Let’s take a moment and wonder how people like this look into the mirror and think, “oh my gosh this is absolutely beautiful”

Why Oh Why?

This is so  creepy.

This women was surely not in her right frame of mind when doing her brows

I die a little in the inside looking at these brows



Pretty Distressing

Incase youre looking for ideas 😛

I’m sure this will drive you crazy.

Do any of these people own a mirror? They all look like they belong in a Circus