A new feature on WhatsApp now allows you to delete messages within 8 minutes of sending them

Have you sent your boss a love emoticon or an embarrassing text that was not meant to be forwarded in that direction? Or have you ever confessed your love for someone and shortly realized that she/he is in a relationship and you want to erase the message you’ve left them in their inbox.The solution to all these problems has been devised and people are loving it.

Well we have a great news for all the WhatsApp users, the creator of WhatsApp has just activated a new feature that can actually save your life. The user can now remove or revoke the text that has accidentally been sent in the wrong group or to the wrong recipient within 7-8 mins. This feature is not fully live just yet and has not yet been activated in all the countries but it appears to be rolling out.

So all you need to do now is update that app of yours 🙂