New Achievement of PIA: Domestic Flight Lands At International Destination

In an incident that is probably unprecedented in the history of aviation, a domestic flight landed at an international destination. Flight PK 307 that took off from Lahore early morning today (the flight was already late as it was supposed to take off yesterday at 9 pm) which was supposed to land in Karachi was diverted to Muscat instead. The poor passengers found themselves in the Middle East when they were expecting to go to the capital of Sindh.

The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority has clarified that due to the halting of operations at Karachi Airport the plane was diverted to the nearest airport which had a runway that could facilitate the landing of that type of aircraft. The PCAA also claimed that the halt in the operations at Karachi Airport was due to foggy weather and the plane was diverted to ensure safety for passengers.

However, the PPP leader Asif Ali Zardari is also expected to arrive in Karachi today and the media is filled with speculations that this diversion could be to ensure safety of the ex president rather than the passengers of the diverted flight.