It’s Never Too Late To Chase Your Dreams;83 -Year- Old Granny Is a Tennis Champ

Age is just a number,as the 83-year- old Argentine tennis player has proved.Anna Obarrio de Pereyra Iraola was stopped by her husband when she made a mark as a tennis star in 1949 and for the next 20 years she concentrated on raising their 10 children instead.At 83,this Argentine woman’s bones may have got weak but not her spirit.She is giving shape to her dream on field holding a tennis racket in hand,wearing canvas shoes and flaunting stylized shorts and T-shirts that remind her of the days of youth.

El Nuevo Herald

“I like to compete. I like to win,” Ana spoke from the Hurlingham sports club in Buenos Aires, AFP reported.

Now that she got the opportunities to demonstrate what she is really capable of,Ana with her extraordinary strength clinched the Argentina Senior Masters in the 80 plus category.

“My husband didn’t like me playing mixed doubles with men…I didn’t play again after that.I don’t regret it.I would do the same again.My first joy is my children.Tennis comes next” says Ana Obarrio.

When she hit the 40’s,she thought of giving tennis another try and started playing again with friends.Her husband passed away when Ana was in her 60’s.Then a serious-than-ever Ana started competing again besides training three times a week on a court that her family built for her at the country estate.

Ana has 37 grandchildren and her grandchildren calls her free-spirited and an unsual granny.

Ana ranks third in the country in her age group and her next challenge is the seniors world championship later in year in Florida USA.