Never Give Up- A Girl Who changed the History of the World

When the world was going all gaga about the destination weddings or busy playing Go Pokémon some people were setting the new example of inspiration and determination.

So when was the last time you Thanked God for all the luxuries and blessings around you? Well in our busy routines we hardly get time to thank Him, but we usually get time to complain about rather small issues. Don’t we ? There are so many things we take for granted in life that we actually stop counting the blessings. Why go far? Let’s start with our body, we are too busy in fretting over, those extra pounds that we have gained lately, freckles on the skin which acquired due to the sun exposure and those long hair which we always wanted to grow but couldn’t, that we forget to cherish the things we are blessed with in life.

But once a while in our busy routines when we come across such inspirational stories, they strengthen our belief in God and its miracles. This is exactly what happened when this image appeared on my laptop screen this morning, it made me dig deeper into the details and left me speechless.


Who said you need wings to fly? Well Jessica Cox is the living proof that you don’t need WINGS to fly you can even fly a plane with your feet. But the question is how many of us can fly a plane with our two hands? Flying is next level for me, I am even scared of sitting in a plane. But this young girl is the first ever armless licensed pilot as well as black-belt achiever in American Taekwondo. She can drive a car, write, type, brush her hair and use her phone with the help of her feet. You go girl..!


This is so amazing and the world is full of such inspirational examples you just need to open your eyes and look around. So when the next time you plan to complain, please take two minutes and think about all these special people around, if they can do YOU CAN DO IT TOO.