Is Mrs to be “Momina Mustehsan” Miss again?

It is true how they say that showbiz industry is a very unpredictable place where the unexpected and weirdest of things could happen.From Nasir Khan Jaan eating carrots live through videos to internet going all gaga over Aunty Bharwi with the statement “Yay Bik Gai Hai Gormint”.The social network has struck us with another shocking rumor that is “Momina Mustehsan Is single again?”

While according to Daily Pakistan a source close to the four month engaged couple has confirmed the news of Momina and Ali Naqvi’s breakup.Though it is important to mention here that neither Momina nor Ali has confirmed any such news plus they haven’t even negated any rumors floating around.

In a recent tweet from a friend we got to know an advice given by Momina for the lost lovers which was “Itna dil nahi lagana chahiye ke wo toot jaye aur taklif ho

The male candidates seems to be quite happy to hear the news of Momina being “Single And Ready To Mingle Again”. As they all had their eyes on the much raved about Coke Studio girl.

It’s true how pizza always stays by your side when everything else around seems to be falling apart.

When Momina says “Ali Afreen hai jo dar gai tum meri MALE  fan following say