Miss Kurdistan Is All Set To Attend PSL Finale In Lahore

PSL has not only created waves among its Pakistani fans instead Miss Kurdistan (Shene Aziz Ako) is also willing to attend the finale at Lahore after she attended a match in Dubai.

Shene Aziz Ako was crowned as Miss Kurdistan in 2012  and later won the award of the Miss Kurdistan World 2014-2015.

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Miss Kurdistan has recorded a special message showing her interest in watching the PSL at Lahore.


While many people are excited for her to visit,some fail to understand the motive behind Miss Kurdistans interest in attending the PSL, is it something that we should be worried about?


This lady is sure to surprise the audience with her charismatic looks 

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Pakistani people can’t wait to give a warm welcome to this gorgeous beauty,it would be an honour to have Miss Ako on board for the PSL finale.

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