‘Tuk Tuk’ shows who’s the real boss

   The Centurion


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The current Test captain of the Pakistani team has been through a whole bunch of pressure and situations which at times may not be of his liking. Since taking over as the National captain five years ago he have been through a lot from match fixing allegations to critics over his age even over the slow pacing of his batting technique which lead to changes in captaincy and political wrangling within the team and the cricket board was disturbing enough for any mortal to give it up but not even he stayed but showed haters who’s the real boss


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The ‘Tuk Tuk’  player Misbah was born on 28th May ‘1974 and has just turned 42 this summer but despite being old he remains passionate towards cricket, his team and country.

Through his cricket career he have done many things to enhance the glory of our country; he have made 10 centuries over 80 half centuries and many records; He had made Fastest Fifty in history(21 Balls) in 24 minutes; He had made most half centuries without a century in ODI; He was also the leading run scorer in ODIs during 2013; He made most ODI half centuries in 2013; He is the only  Asian captain to win 4 or more Test matches against England; Apart from all this he made most Test centuries by a Pakistani Captain


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He once again made Pakistan proud by a century in the Lord stadium in England in first attempt which leads his name being written on the wall with gold but the most surprising thing was that he did this at the age of 42 which made him the oldest cricketer to make a Test century. He also did ten pushups after making the century which he later told that this was to fulfill the promise he made to the Pakistan army


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At the age of 42 he continues to be a role model for the Pakistani Nation and continues to inspire young cricketer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      written by Sa’pheena Saif