How Media is promoting fake News and showing what they want us to see

The era we are living in, Media has become an important part of our lives. As for people around the globe it is a cheap and up to date source for information. But the sad fact is, media has not just become the source of news and events occurring in world but it has also captured the mentality and thinking power of a common man.

There was a time when media was trusted by people for their accurate news and truth. But now media is used to manipulate the humans psyche. Media, which is considered as a platform to reveal and support the truth is now just has become one of the way of making money by their so called thing “RATING” . Yes.. rating, this is the thing every media, every channel is behind. Just for the sake of popularity and to increase their rating around the world media is using cheap tactics. And the one cheap ploy is “fake news” with sprinkle of spicy drama.

In past, there are number of examples present to prove the fakeness of media. For example here is a picture of 2 kids.


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Young boy protecting his sister as she is scared of something. This image got viral in 2015 with the title “NEPAL EARTHQUACK VICTIMS PHOTO” and it was totally wrong. Later, the photographer who captured this photo cleared the misconception as this was taken by him in 2007. Moreover he added that little girl was just scared when he passed by them where these two siblings were playing. There were many images like this on Social media which people are believing and media is promoting.

Another Example of Fake News

Photos below clearly show how this newspapers is showing photoshoped image in order to influence public opinion.

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Media only shows what they want you to see, they do the brain washing of common public with their dirty tricky tactics. Like during Elections Media spread fake news of cold wars among people of different parties and so much other spicy fake news.

To sum up, Media is playing with the thinking of common man and mistake is totally ours because we believe in such kind of news without any research. In this age of internet everything is easily approachable to a common man and there is no hard and fast way to find an information. So, In future we should not promote news with such conflicts before confirming and doing some research on it.


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