“Mawra Ki Acting Dekh Ker Mera Khoon Kholta Hai”~Said Pakistani Ashley Tisdale

In a recent episode of “Tonite with Hsy” season 4 hosted by the renowed Hassan Shehryar Yasin ,invited the very talented,beautiful and elegant duo sisters Syra and Alishba.Upon asking her a question in a segment called RAPID FIRE the interviewer asked “Dash ki main jab bhi acting dekhti hun tou mera khoon kholta hai” to which Syra Shehroze responded “Mawra Hocane”. The trio blatantly giggled and chuckled which proved that they all agreed to what Miss Shehroze said.

This was a very blunt yet a very controversial statement  which rose great resentment towards Syra by Mawra’s fans.The statement was probably in response to Mawra’s latest flick “Sanam teri kasam” in which the actor acted a bit boldly and worked beyond the parameters, while some appreciated and applauded.

Although Syra did not gave clarification as to why her blood boils when she sees Mawra’s acting  but as someone has rightly said“Every Girl Hates And Opposes Another Girl For No Reason”

Below is the Video Of the Conversation held between Hsy.Syra and Alishba on “Tonite with Hsy”